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The current View Royal Casino, located at 1708 Island Highway, is 35,000 square feet with 555 slot machines and 15 live table games. In 2015/16, View Royal Casino generated $71.8 million in annual revenue, of which $4.1 million was distributed to seven municipalities on the West Shore. Quotes: Jim Lightbody , BCLC President & CEO "We are excited to see these plans come to fruition and to support our plan to provide outstanding gaming entertainment in the Greater Victoria area. In the entertainment business we need to refresh and redevelop our properties to continue to delight our customers. We look forward to working with our service provider, Great Canadian Gaming Corp., in recreating the View Royal Casino and adding more entertainment for adults to enjoy." Rod Baker , Great Canadian President & CEO "We are thrilled to be moving forward with such a significant redevelopment of our View Royal property, which will dramatically increase the entertainment value we can offer the Greater Victoria marketplace, while building on our history in the West Shore communities that dates back to 2001." ABOUT GREAT CANADIAN GAMING CORPORATION Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is a Canadian based company that operates gaming, entertainment and hospitality facilities in British Columbia , Ontario , New Brunswick , Nova Scotia , and Washington State . The Company has 21 gaming properties, which consists of thirteen casinos, including a four Diamond resort hotel in Richmond, British Columbia and a four star hotel in Moncton, New Brunswick , four horse racetrack casinos, three community gaming centres and one commercial bingo hall. A key element of Great Canadian's business model is its commitment to social responsibility. "PROUD of our people, our business, our community" is Great Canadian's brand that unifies the company's community, volunteering and social responsibility efforts. Under the PROUD program, Great Canadian annually invests over $2.5 million in our communities, and in 2015, over 3,600 charitable organizations were supported by Great Canadian. In each Canadian gaming jurisdiction, a significant portion of gross gaming revenue from gaming facilities is retained by our crown partners on behalf of their provincial government for the purpose of supporting programs like healthcare, education and social services.

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All applications offer a very related encounter and include the required features any blackjack player will desire. As I'm discussing the benefits and cons of wearing a small zebra head wear with rhinestones to the blackjack desk I notice something on my limb. Begriffe wie spannend, temporeich und unterhaltsam beschreiben perish Ton an heißen Spielautomaten , expire Captain Cooks Gambling house im Angebot hat, nur unzureichend.After dropping about $300 or so at the Luxor on different slot machines attempting to discover the loose 1 I hit my 1st hands pay of my gambling profession. Adidas going up their video game with the showcase courtroom online and proven on a large projection display in the Cashman Center. But a few years later an announcement was made that the manufacturers were on the search for another professional to enjoy 007. As you play against a simulator in all probability, you can improve and become better player against gambling on the casino roulette devices as well.Bei CasinoClub gibt sera etwas weniger Online Roulette Spiele, dafür ist die Qualität der Video games sehr hoch.